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Will Rambler be Ready for Move in by Fall 2025?

By David Kanne

If you’re like most students, the thought of moving into an unfinished building is stressful. The complications of moving and storage can be overwhelming if your student housing isn’t ready on time.

At Rambler, we understand the importance of a smooth transition for students and their families. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your new home is move-in ready.

In this article, we’ll address your concerns and provide three compelling reasons why you can trust that Rambler will be fully prepared for your move-in by Fall 2025.

Is Rambler on schedule to deliver on time? 

Not only is Rambler scheduled to deliver on time, but construction is ahead of schedule.

Construction began on Rambler in May 2022 and hasn’t faced any delays since starting. The building will be topped out by June 2024, have the first units completed in January 2025 and will be ready in plenty of time for an August 2025 move-in. 

Who is developing Rambler? 

Rambler Columbus, a mid-rise apartment located on Lane Avenue, just across the street from OSU North Campus.

Welcome to Rambler Columbus, a mid-rise apartment located on Lane Avenue, just across the street from OSU North Campus.

LV Collective is the real estate development firm behind Rambler. LV is a nationally recognized student housing developer focused on designing and curating high-quality real estate in superior locations throughout the United States. LV Collective currently has 4,000+ beds under construction across seven student housing developments in six markets. 

Rambler’s general contractor, Elford, has a strong track record with on-time deliveries and is scheduled to deliver Rambler by the summer of 2025. Elford has delivered 10+ student housing projects across the US totaling 1.5 million square feet, and over 2,800 beds, including two recent deliveries in Columbus, Ohio.

What if the project doesn’t deliver on time?

We are so confident that Rambler will deliver on time that we are offering anyone who signs a lease a Delay in Possession Addendum. 

Free Download: Delay in Possession Addendum

While unlikely, the purpose of the Delay in Possession Addendum is to address the issue of a delay in occupancy stemming from construction.

Put simply, if for some reason we don’t hit our mark, we will not charge you rent for the time you cannot live at Rambler. We will also cover agreed upon daily hotel costs, extra moving costs, and storage costs.

We hope this article helped address any concerns you may have about the delivery of Rambler.

If you have any additional questions, visit the Rambler FAQ page to see our most frequently asked questions about the property, or contact our leasing staff at the Rambler leasing office, who are more than happy to help.

David Kanne

David Kanne is the Founder + CEO of LV Collective, the Austin, Texas-based real estate development behind Rambler.

May 21, 2024


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