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Where Do Ohio State Students Live: Alternatives to Greek Housing

By Kylie

Although it may seem like many students live in their fraternity or sorority houses, according to OSU, only approximately 10% of the student body is involved in Greek life. Plus, the relatively small houses can only house a fraction of Greek students.

Choosing not to live in Greek housing can stem from various factors. It could be the house’s location, a desire for personal bedrooms and bathrooms, or a lack of involvement in Greek life altogether. Regardless of the reasoning, many alternatives exist for students who prefer not to spend their academic year within fraternity or sorority houses.

At Rambler Columbus, we empathize with the challenges of securing suitable housing. To assist you in navigating this process, we’ve crafted an article outlining the housing options for students who opt out of Greek residences.

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Alternatives to Greek Housing For Ohio State Students

The most common types of housing for students that do not want to live in their fraternity or sorority houses are:

Off-Campus Student Housing Apartments

Outside rendering of Rambler Columbus

Students have the option of off-campus student apartments, conveniently situated near the campus, customized to fulfill the preferences and necessities of college students.

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These apartments offer year-long leases, running from August to July, ideal for students intending to remain in Columbus for research, summer coursework, or internships. The agreements come in the form of an individual lease, often referred to as a “by the bed lease,” ensuring you sign a personal contract with the landlord. This setup means you’re solely accountable for your rent, your individual bedroom, bathroom, and shared areas such as the living room and kitchen.

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The apartments available span from studios to units with six-bedrooms and six-bathrooms, all fully furnished.

Most student apartments near Ohio State’s campus are relatively recent constructions, offering upscale facilities to outdo each other. Upon leasing one of these apartments, anticipate luxuries such as pools, well-equipped fitness centers, and expansive study spaces. Some locations even feature trendy additions like yoga studios, saunas, on-site coffee shops, and dedicated spin cycle studios.

Rental rates for these apartments fluctuate based on location, amenities and availability, ranging approximately from $1,000 to $1,600 per person per month.

Off-Campus Traditional Apartments

Traditional Apartments in Columbus Ohio called University Village
Photo courtesy of University Village

Our next example of housing for Ohio State students are traditional apartments located throughout North, Central and South Campus.

Student apartments cater to a broader audience beyond just students, resulting in fewer amenities and often being located farther from the campus vicinity.

Traditional apartments, however, are open to anyone and typically offer year-long leases structured in a traditional lease format, not individual leases. With this arrangement, all roommates are included in the contract, requiring one roommate to likely collect rent from others each month to cover the total rental rate for the apartment.

Given the abundance of traditional apartments in the off-campus area, pricing for this style varies significantly. Rent hinges on factors like the property’s opening date, recent renovations, and location, spanning a wide range from $500 to over $2,000 per person per month.

Off-Campus Traditional Houses

3 houses in a row in the off-campus district near Ohio State's CampusPhoto courtesy of The Lantern

The final most common alternative to Greek housing for OSU students is renting a traditional house off-campus.

The most popular area for students to rent a house for the year is on North Campus or Central Campus. These areas are located above and to the right of Ohio State and are closest to academic buildings, libraries, and other student facilities.

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Most homes are unfurnished and lack amenities, leading to increased overall rental costs. Due to the added complexities of arranging amenities, furnishing the home and setting up the utilities, renting a house is the most work up-front compared to the other options.

Leases for these homes typically follow traditional year-long arrangements. Roommates divide and collect rent internally to submit the total to the landlord monthly, with each roommate equally responsible for any property damages.

Given their distance from campus, lack of amenities, and furniture, rental rates for these homes tend to be slightly lower, averaging around $400 to over $1,500 per person per month.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of a few of the most common housing options for Ohio State students if you chose not to live in a fraternity or sorority house.

As you can see, there are many options available near Ohio State for those who prefer to live outside of a Greek house setting. For more information on all your housing options, read our article on What Types of Housing Are Available for OSU Students?

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about Rambler Columbus, please visit our website or contact our leasing staff. We are more than happy to help you in your search for housing.


Kylie is a Leasing Intern for Rambler Columbus. She is a junior at The Ohio State University, majoring in Finance. Her go-to Daydreamer order is an almond milk latte with vanilla!

April 29, 2024


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